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A little piece of heaven – Garretstown

Nowadays everybody loves a bit of adventure and trying something new and exciting but we often forget that it is the simple things and small touches that we remember, cherish and adore. A few weeks ago, OnTheQT was down in the Kinsale area but the best part of our trip was when we reached the spectacular Garretstown beach! We went off the beaten track and went back to basics! We sat on the beach with Fish n’ chips, enjoyed the evening sunshine and forgot about all our worries of the day!


With the amazing sunny weather we are having, what better way to finish up a day then with a strole on the amazing Garretstown beach. Personally, we feel it is evenings like these(off the cuff) that everybody cherishes and remembers. It can be a date night or family fun evening, it is something a little different and one that people will remember about their summer. Do something simple but memorable! Something as simple as a picnic on the beach or chips on the beach can make memories to last a lifetime! Garretstown beach is a perfect location for an evening strole, fun and games with the little QTs and possibly even a family picnic or if your looking for a great date idea, it is a perfect location for a romantic strole, picnic and to watch the sunset together.


HAPPY SUMMER – It’s the simple things we remember!

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