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5 Women Who Inspire Me Everyday

For today’s post, I decided to do something a little different. It’s international women’s day so I decided to share with you 5 women that inspire me everyday. Women that show me that each day you are a step closer to your dreams. Women that show me that you can do anything you put your mind to. Women that show me that life is about following your passion. Women that show me you don’t get lucky in life without the hard work. Women that show me life is about going for it…. so just do it.

  1. My first inspirational lady has to be my mom. My mom was a huge inspiration to me growing up. She thought me to follow my dreams, never give up and always smile. She thought me to treat others the way you would like them to treat you. She followed her passion throughout her life and inspired me to do the exact same. She touched the lives of so many people with her kind heart and motivating words. Her passion included science, entrepreneurship and her favourite passion of all… her family. My Mom worked in a lab for years and loved every minute of it. As I grew up, she started her own business from home and showed me everyday how you grow a business and relationships in business. She always encouraged my Dad as he followed his dreams. Most of all, I think her passion for her family is what I cherish the most. No matter what happens in life, your family is always there for you. She was always there for me and my sisters and encouraged us to try new things, explore life and reach for our dreams.  My number one idol for international women day is my mom.
  2. Pippa O’Connor – A lady who is not afraid of a challenge and to take on new adventures. She is somebody who I admire for taking the jump and going for it. She is always a step ahead and thinking of the next big thing she can do and I admire her for that.
  3. Natasha Lynch is a successful businesswoman in Cork who inspires me everyday without even knowing it. Her determination, enthusiasm and innovation is infectious. A coffee with Natasha will have you wanting to take on the world. Her successful business is Essential French… just follow her on snapchat (essentialfrench)
  4. Breffney O’Dowling Keane – Breffney is taking the world by storm! Food lover, chef and innovator. Follow her journey as she brings her business FruitCubed to New York. Her determination, ambition and ability to think outside the box is just amazing to follow everyday. Her journey will inspire you.
  5. Erika Fox – Erika is the lady behind Retroflame. I have been following Erika’s journey since she was blogging in Glenbeigh and she is now living and growing her brand in New York city. Somebody who is always thinking outside the box, has the drive to achieve her goals and thorough it all gives you the real insight into the blogging world in NYC. Erika shared her story with Nationwide last week. Have a look at her story on the RTE Player.

These women have a lot in common – motivation, determination, focus, drive, ambition and much more. For me, what sticks out the most is PASSION… each of these women are following their passion. They are making their passion the main thing they work on each day. Life is short… so do what you love. If you have the passion for something, you will have the drive to succeed. 

I think looking at these 5 women … Passion is the key! 

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